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April 6, 2013 / Tina

Idle talk

Written by Brian Browne

Idle talk!
I sometimes wonder if there is any other kind. Judging by the crap on the net these last few days it seems that it is obligatory. Nothing but the end of days, Nostradamus, St. Malachy and any other head banger who wants to put in 2c worth. One thing these people haven’t yet stumbled upon is the fact that Pope Francis can easily be shoe horned into being Peter the Roman and it goes like this. To start with every Pope is automatically Peter even though not known as such. Tick one. And then there is the fact that he has not yet used the title Pope when referring to himself. No he calls himself by his other and older title Bishop of Rome. Tick two.
So there you are Peter the Roman and according to the so called prophecies of Malachy, the last pope of Rome. Even if this stuff had any bases in fact it still would not mean the end of the world. It could mean the end of the Church but even that would not necessarily follow. The title of Pontiffs Maximus is one which owes its origins to the Roman Empire and was one of the titles of the Emperor. He was perceived as the ultimate bridge builder between man and the Gods.
It was many centuries later that the Church appropriated this title and bestowed it on the bishop of Rome. And some considerable time later that they took upon themselves the powers which once were proper to the Emperors. Among other things they, in conjunction with the secular powers, they created the Holy Roman Empire. What ever else it was it certainly wasn’t Holy.
It should be interesting to see what Francis does. His first message is perhaps encouraging. And that message first given to the cardinals after his election and then to the world was embodied in one word. Francis.
The choice of a name is always meant to send a message and Francis, whether it is in honour of Assisi or Xavier, is a clear one. Francis of Assisi was a church reformer whose mission was to rescue it from disrepair and Xavier was a missionary whose life’s work was the conversion of China.
Watch this space.
Up date: Pope Francis told a crowded press conference today (18-March) that the Saint in question is indeed Francis of Assisi and that he wants a poorer church for the poor.


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  1. martinacarroll / Apr 6 2013 5:24 am

    When our group meets we typically write to a prompt. ‘Idle Talk’ was the prompt used on 16th March 2013 when the group met in The Lab in Foley Street. It was the week of St. Patrick’s Festival and being a bank holiday weekend there was no InkSlingers Workshop in the Irish Writers Centre. Thanks to Brian, who organised the restaurant later that evening, a great day turned into a fantastic evening.

  2. Eric Earwig / Apr 17 2013 9:06 pm

    Well done Brian on writing the first post. Hats off! And well done Martina for setting it all up. More hats off! Brian, a very enjoyable and informative read. Pope Francis. Very interesting. It reminded me of a priest at my primary school who used to call himself Pope Dick – he put the willies up everyone. But has there already been a Pope Dick though? You’ll have to Google that I suppose. (As the bishop said to the altar boy). Rod.

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