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24/04/2013 / Tina

Brian’s Prophetic Dreams

Written by Brian Browne
To sleep perhaps to dream!
Well if you were in my position you might not want to do quite so much dreaming. You see my dreams are of the kind that allows me to see the future; Unfortunately the things that people usually want to know, like what numbers are coming up in the lottery or what nag will win the 2.30 on Saturday are not the things which present themselves. No, with me it’s more in the way of mini disasters waiting in the wings to pounce on me.
Take last night for example: bed at 10 pm like a good boy and looking forward to a restful night. Still awake at 2.00am, or was I? Sleep comes at last but no rest. Oh no! Just dreams that, even then it was obvious, were about future events and tinged with dread. Why can’t they sometimes let me have some good news? It would be good if the secrets of establishing world peace or the end of poverty were to present themselves to me. Or even how to get the troika off our backs. Yea that would be a good one!
So what were these messages and what was their meaning? You may well ask! Well there’s the rub, as the fella said, you see I don’t remember a dammed thing about them except that they promised doom of one kind or another and then just disappeared into (and I use the words advisedly) what ever hell they came from.

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