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24/05/2013 / Tina

Deleting the old woman’s No

Written by Brian Browne

The prompt last week was “Deleting the old woman’s No.” … …

She is gone now so, there isn’t much point anymore. There was a time when this was simply unthinkable; a constant and presumed eternal presence but now?

The simple pleasures, afternoon tea in a downtown tea shop, a lazy glass of wine among the trees on the scorching patio… Long hours of “shooting the breeze” as she called it. That last meal together when she didn’t finish the maim course; I asked if there was a problem and if I should cancel the desert. “Oh now dear, there’s always room for rhubarb” Well that was typical she was quite sweet and had oceans of space in her life for all good things.

She seemed forever middle aged, and there were many times, when teasing her, I’d ask if I was to be allowed to see the portrait in the attic, her stock reply being “Just enjoy life to the full and age ceases to matter”

She was right of course even though it’s sometimes proven difficult, but what the hell, onward and upward, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.

Now as I look back it seems oh so obvious that everything I ever worried about either never happened, or, if it did, it was never half as bad as my fears had envisioned it. Even life threatening decease when it came was only a spur to enjoy the health I had rather then any of the problems.

So now I have a huge store of fond and mostly happy memories of my own and many of them include that wonderful old woman, “Kate” to her many friends.

And now it’s time, and so, reluctantly, I am deleting the old woman’s No.

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