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June 6, 2013 / Tina

InkSplinters: The Painting

Inksplinters 2 (2) 

Written by Harry Browne

He was somewhat emotional. It was a long time since he’d come to one of our sessions but he looked good and we all waited with bated breath as he unveiled his birthday masterpiece. Being something of an artistic ignoramus I find it hard to describe the piece whilst giving it due credit.

It is a strong collage of colours surrounding a small picture of the artist at work and a perfect memory of our first year as a group.

The idea is to pass it round from person to person to be hung in each home for a period of a week or two and when everyone has had their turn it’s to be kept in the homes for longer periods.

The contrast, for me, between the art of writing and the art of painting is stark in the extreme. Painting and all the visual arts are a mystery to me. If driven to draw something I can just about manage a stick man on a very wobbly bike. (See what I mean?)


Strange to say in the latter part of my business career I was very involved in drawing, but it was of the mechanical sort and heavily assisted by AutoCAD, a mechanical drawing package which is extensively used in the architectural field, about as far from art as it’s possible to get.

It’s difficult to isolate what one gets from our sessions, but for me there’s an affirmation that writing, even when it’s not of great quality, is a worthwhile pursuit. It’s certainly an enjoyable one, mostly.

Seeing him this evening brought home to me the sense that our little group has, indeed, many of the qualities of a close family unit. We can drop in without fanfare and just as easily stay away, secure in the knowledge that we will be welcome, like the prodigal son, when we return from our wanderings.


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