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September 2, 2013 / Tina

InkSplinters Summer 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to update this blog and quite a lot has happened over the summer. We launched the year with our first dinner on 16th March when the idea of going to Berlin for a few days was first discussed. I just happened to mention that I was thinking about going to Berlin because I had a friend there and it turned out that lots of us have friends in Berlin. I remember that someone suggested that we should pick the same week to go if possible and i’m happy to say that four of us headed to Berlin last week for a holiday which turned out to be a big success. I’ll write more about our week and what we got up to and I’m sure we’ll have more writing about Berlin from others in the group.

The big event of the summer was Harry’s book launch. I have lots of photos somewhere. We decided to wait a while to upload the photos to make sure that everyone whose photo ended up online was happy with that. Since then my laptop has died so I hope I have the photos backed up so that I can post them soon.

There was a second dinner which unfortunately coincided with Rodney’s event where he was invited to read his work. Brian Browne took on the job of social events organiser and this second dinner was as successful as the first so we look forward to the next one soon. Rodney’s had more success since so maybe we can get the details and spread the news.

Four members of InkSplinters spent a week in Galway at the height of the heat wave. We had a Skype link for the Tuesday night which went great, a two centered InkSplinters session. We tried to do the same from Berlin but the connection wasn’t as good although we did gather in two locations and we wrote to the prompt.

In Berlin we had the pleasure of linking up with the Berlin Writing group in Zahlendorf. We had fun getting there and even more ‘fun’ getting back to where we were staying but we enjoyed the evening and made some new friends. I’ll write more about this soon and I hope I’ll get some input from others in the group. We’ll talk about it next Tuesday 3rd Sept.

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  1. Janey Macken Street! / Sep 2 2013 10:06 pm

    I’m glad you’re back up and running with the site Tina. I”m looking forward to hearing more about that Berlin trip. Who were the naked men and women sitting at the back of the room when you Skyped us last Tuesday for a start? Mirrors – you forgot the mirrors in the room – we could see everything!

    By the way, don’t forget to vote for Alan (if he doesn’t mind me mentioning it) in the blog awards. He’s up for best post of the year, among others! Yes, that was plural – AWARDS! See following link. Worth Doing Badly Blog.

    In my book you can’t call yourself a proper Inkslplinter until you’ve voted, in fact, if you haven’t yet voted for Alan you should call yourself a *!>>$**s. We have a comic genius in our midst, possible the re-incarnation of Flann O’Brien, so please do vote or you’ll turn into a bicycle before you even finish this sentence. Hint hint softly softly like. No pressure.

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