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March 14, 2014 / Janey Macken Street!

I don’t see sick babies, I see the Moth International Short Story Prize 2014.



If you consider your short stories to be your babies that you must care for and protect with your life, then now might be the right time for cutting the apron strings and letting them fend for themselves in the big, bad beautiful world i.e. The Moth International Short Story Prize 2014 is now open for entries!


As my local G.P., Doctor Smoked Salmon,  would say – “I don’t see sick babies, I see fifty pound notes.”


See fifty pound notes for yourself by entering a short story or two into this fine competition.


So give your best baby a bath (I know, you have no favourites), remove all the potatoes from their ears and send them off in the post / internet to this competition with a packed lunch and a smile forthwith.


(And just remember: if their sentences aren’t coherent enough or  their grammar isn’t up to scratch or the staple is in the wrong place or they haven’t been toilet trained, then this means that you’re to blame, so social services will be knocking on your door very soon indeed. You can put money on it. Although a tip to the wise: one well-placed exploding priest-with-red-trousers will always, apparently, get any of these lapses overlooked).

The deadline is 30th  June 2014.

Here’s the link:


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