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31/05/2014 / Tina

Ryan Kaiazu and the Garden Party in Blackrock

Written by Martina Carroll

Chapter 2 from Stories from the Village


It was Ryan’s idea to have the garden party at the old house in Blackrock. Ryan is the youngest of my five children. They’re all here together enjoying the day and the sunshine. Jack the eldest and his wife Lucy have come with their little baby girl, now toddling around to the great joy and pride of her besotted parents. Rory my second is here with Ben whom he met three years ago. Ben has three children. The kids are here and also their mother with her new husband. The four adults and three children share adjacent apartments and Ben and his ex co-parent very creatively. It’s lovely to see the extended family happily getting along as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

My two girls Josie and Eliza are here with their many friends. Eliza is especially fond of Lucy’s brother Steve.

Ryan, Charley’s son, is much younger than the others. He’s always been different. He didn’t talk until he was five years old. Then one day he started talking and he talked non-stop for three days. We had to take turns listening and no one ever heard the full story because he simply continued on regardless. When he realised we were all exhausted and confused he decided to write it down so we could read it in our own time. That’s when we discovered he could read and write. After three months of exhausting writing, in pencil because he didn’t like pens, he decided it would be more efficient to simply type. That way he could keep backups and make multiple copies. It turned out he could type 120 words per minute. Then one night when we were all in bed, we were awoken by the eerily perturbing sound of Chopin emerging from the drawing room below. Thinking someone had turned the radio on I moved quickly to suppress the disturbance, only to find Ryan bashing out the notes on Maysie’s old piano. By then it seemed that nothing Ryan could do would surprise us. Little did we know!

You see The Village somehow came alive because of Ryan. These people come together because of him. He’s like a magnet, quiet yet powerful. Since those first three days he rarely bothers to talk. His presence simply draws people together and makes everything all right. All that matters is the present moment. All perceived wrongs are forgotten and there’s no need for forgiveness because right here right now everything is all right. Whatever happened happened and we must now create a future story.

That story is about a village where we all belong, The Village that is not a place but a soul that connects people, special people, people who are chosen because they belong together and because they will change this world. These people are Ryan’s family, his brothers and sisters, their friends and families, writers from the city and artists whose lives have touched ours, the friends we’ve met on our travels, in the physical world and online. Even Jean has managed to come and I’m so happy to see her there talking to Philip and who can say, no one knows what the future holds. Today the whole Village is gathered, a village that doesn’t even know it exists.

When everyone leaves, Ryan and I will ascend the stairs to the attic and we’ll step through a gateway into a world on the edge of a forest where Gemma the dragon waits. You see the secret of this magical house is that it contains a break in the space time continuum. I know it sounds like Star Trek but it’s true. Maysie of course knew about it as did Charley and I, but the gateway had been broken for years and then the key was lost after Charley left, it had simply disappeared along with him.

One day, a few years ago, Ryan found the key; but my life was busy at that time taking care of my five children. So I said nothing and let Ryan keep it in his room, not knowing how important it was, until a few weeks ago. He was rummaging in the attic when he pulled back a screen and found the door. Then he remembered the key. We were together when he first tried it in the lock. I remember how my heart almost stopped when the gateway opened and I gazed into the cave and Gemma’s golden eyes. I’d never expected to see her again, yet there she was, Gemma the dragon, my dear old friend, still waiting after all this time. She said she’d wait…

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