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July 27, 2014 / hbrowne4

A Passion for The Future


Mick was more that fed up with this parenting lark. “I need a little alone time” He said to his immediate superior. “I’ve been minding the ankle biters for the past week while you were at the conference in Galway and I’ve just about had it”

She smiled indulgently and replied, “Of course pet, why don’t you take a few hours on a train journey, you know how much you love trains” Mick was a good husband and did more than his share so she was more than willing to cut him some slack.

A short time later Mick found himself alone in a first class carriage on a train bound for Wexford. He figured that a quick run down to the sunny south east, a cup of coffee and a Panini in the town followed by a return trip would be just the thing to allow him to de-stress and get himself back on an even keel and into his writing which had been neglected for the past few days.

As he reached into his pocket for his Kindle he noticed an unlikely looking flower apparently abandoned on the seat beside him. It was a strange, beautiful looking blossom which Mick recognised as a Passion Flower.

He had hardly glanced at the flower when a voice spoke “Hello, hello, are you there Mick?”

As he jerked his head around to see who had spoken the voice came again “Mick, if you can hear me, please respond”

Wondering if he was losing his mind Mick concluded that the voice was coming from the Passion flower.

Casting shifty glances all round to see if he could see a hidden camera or microphone he said “This is me, Mick. Who am I talking to?”

“”Oh great, I thought we’d have more trouble contacting you” The voice sounded peculiarly familiar.

“Who’s we?” Demanded Mick “Are you some form of sentient flower, perhaps an alien life force. Dear God, this can’t be a first contact with extra-terrestrial being can it?”

“Don’t be silly Mick” came the voice from the flower. “I am your descendant twenty times removed talking to you from the future, the year 3078 to be precise. We can communicate through the Passion flower because of its unique shape and design. The distinctive arrangement of its petals, pistils and stamens allows it to resonate in sympathy with our tachyon emitters and translate our message into speech which you will understand”

“Now listen carefully, the fate of the World, indeed the Universe rests in your hands. You are about to embark on a course of action which will have catastrophic consequences down the timelines”

As Mick listened in horror the door of the carriage opened and a uniformed man stood there saying “Tickets Please”

He reached into his pocket to retrieve his ticket and noticed movement out of the corner of his eye, turning his head he saw the flower being drawn out of the open vent window of the old fashioned carriage and fluttering away in the wind.

Mick spent the remainder of his life dedicated to the cultivation of Passion Flowers in all their bewildering variety and died the world’s foremost authority on these beautiful blossoms, but they never spoke to him again.

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