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August 19, 2014 / hbrowne4

Strike, By Bernie O’Reilly

Hi love, said Des as he walked in the door, any dinner, I’m starved.

Yes there is, it’s in the oven cremated.

Sorry, I forgot to text you again; any chance you would heat dinner up for me?

I’ve just got Majella and Peader to bed; you know this is my writing time,

But it’s been a very long Day for me love,

Right and you don’t think my day has been long too?

Jess rose from her kitchen work space and heated the dinner, then placed the plate with a thump on the table before her husband.

Ah thanks love he commented as he tucked in

That’s the last dinner I am cooking, no cleaning, looking after the kids, you’re also sleeping on the couch Jess added as she returned to her work space.

Des could not believe Jess was serious; he finished his dinner then opened a can and took it into the sitting room to watch some sport on t v!

When he woke from his dose on the couch Des headed upstairs to discover the bedroom door locked, he called his wife quietly, not wanting to wake the kids, no answer.

After an uncomfortable night on the couch he found Jess in the kitchen but no breakfast,

You’re serious about this Jess aren’t you?

Des, till you appreciate and support me in my writing I am on strike,

I have however left you a list of what needs to be done in the house and for the kids, school runs, outside school activities, clothes, how to use the washing machine!

Ah come on love, I have work to go to,

I have work too Des, I am writing a novel, that’s my work.

Okay, I will take the day off, but this cannot continue.

Agreed, I think we need to talk tonight when the kids are in bed, I cannot live this way anymore.

Des panicked, Jess, Jess, you’re not leaving me and the kids are you? Surely we are more important than writing?

Are the kids and I more important than your job Des?

Ah be reasonable love, I need to earn money for us so we can have a good standard of living.

I realise that Des, you are a very good provider, I need to contribute too though and through the writing I can, I will be a better wife and mother for having achieved something in life,

The kids, the house, all you do is that not achievement enough?

No, not anymore, we can talk tonight, Jess went back to her writing and ignored Des for the rest of the morning as he struggled and cursed trying to do tasks he had never done before.

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  1. hbrowne4 / Aug 19 2014 12:55 pm

    Poor Des, a major shock to his system. This writing lark is very subversive.

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