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August 21, 2014 / brianb8175

Geralyn’s new poem



I stood at the back for Mass

Like I was standin’ at the back of the class

In beside the shrine Our Lady of Dublin

Whom no one was troublin’


Not me nor the other there

The one with the vacant stare

An old man dressed in rags – plastic bags

 for shoes

He smelt of booze.

“Let us show each other the sign of Peace” said the priest

From the altar.

A tall order.


I half turned held out my hand

He held back

I smiled my best smile the one I put on to cheer myself up

All the while.

Maybe he thought I handed him a million euro by mistake-

The crusted eyes in the crusted face lit up.

My hand gripped in a big man’s paw

I tried not to think of warts and callouses and infections.


and I left for my accounts office the priest

for his Daily Office.


The man shuffled past in his plastic bag shoes

On his way to the Penny Dinners Hall

I felt small 


Donation box on the wall for the dinners in the Hall

I slotted in my change

wishing to buy his lunch

Then found myself washing my mind clear

Of thoughts of mange.


Back at a business meeting

That moment so fleeting

Flashed across the spreadsheet


Shaking hands and wishing peace…


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  1. Harry / Aug 21 2014 11:15 am

    As a Jack from way back it brings me back.

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