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September 11, 2014 / hbrowne4

The Four Horsemen

The four Horsemen

“This is a lousy gig” Said Conquest “Riding around on a bloody horse, shooting arrows from a bow, a bow and arrows, I ask you. I mean if I was going to conquer something you’d think I’d have a bunch of Abrams tanks, some Apache attack helicopters and a rake of hellfire missiles. How much conquering could you get done with a bow and arrows in this day and age?”

“You’ve nothing much to be whinging about” War replied “At least you have a white horse, look at this mangy looking mutt I’m stuck with, and a sword, I mean really! Exactly how much damage can I be expected to wreak with a sword anyway. If they had any sense my victims would run away as soon as they saw me coming swinging a bloody sword, and this broken down nag probably wouldn’t have they energy to break into a trot to catch up. Count yourselves lucky”

Here famine interjected “Listen, you guys are considerably better off than I am, at least you look like you had a decent meal before you rode ou
t on this adventure. Look at me will ya, I can hardly stay upright in the saddle and my belly button is scraping the bones of my spine. And the horse I rode in on? It’s even more bedraggled than myself. And while I’m at it, what sort of a name is Famine for a super hero? I mean famines have always gotten a bad press, why couldn’t I be called The Slim Avenger or something”

Death had been tagging along and listening to his fellow horsemen and he was not impressed “Listen up guys” He cried in a loud voice “We can’t be wasting our time on trivia like bows and arrows and what we’re called. We are the precursors of the apocalypse. That’s a serious gig and it carries a heavy burden of responsibility. There’s about nine billion people on Earth at the moment and we have a definitive amount of time to wipe them all out. We need a plan guys, let’s stop the whining and get on with the gig OK? And Famine, whatever else you are, a superhero you most assuredly are not”

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