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November 7, 2014 / hbrowne4

To an Inksplinters Prompt

“Two people who hate each other stuck in an elevator for 12 hours. What happens”

by Kenneth Nolan

After one hour some tentative ego dressing takes place.

After two hours each would know every possible route they could take home and the pros and cons of every automobile ever sanctioned for mass production.

After three hours all premier league football scores since its 1993 inception would be exchanged and memorised.

After four hours both detainees’ respective mothers would be blamed for all of life’s failures. Personal, economical, political and sexual; inclusive.

After five hours one would give the other a massage.

After six hours they’d swap places.

After seven hours something would be impregnated.

After eight hours something would be aborted.

After nine hours one of them would take out a pencil and pad and write something about being stuck in a lift for nine hours.

After ten hours they’d swap drinking stories whilst consuming imaginary sedative drugs. After eleven hours both would brace themselves for revealing to each other just how much they hate each other and why.

After twelve hours they’d bottle it! Then speak of how high a regard they’d always held the other in and peacefully wait to be freed by the lift engineer guy.

Click on the link below for Kenneth’s interview with  93.9DSFM Dublin South Community Radio

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