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January 14, 2015 / hbrowne4

‘What you run out of the house with if the house is on fire’ (From a Prompt)

With shimmering emergency bells and the noise shrilly dissecting through the silence, my first feelings were immediately of fear.

Unfortunately, the fear was further augmented with the vehement smoke triggering my senses of an imminent danger.

My sixth sense prompted me to run out immediately and free myself from the clasp of danger. Circumstances like these always reign from the ordeals between the senses of necessity and rationality.

While the necessity part warranted me of leaving the house instantly – the rationality domains asked me to grab the “last few straws” of my life. I quickly got hold of my laptop due to the large stakes preserved in it.

I was fast in opening my cupboard to pick my purse up containing most of indispensable documents. I also grabbed my passport for its sheer importance as document, me being an immigrant.

The firemen arrived by that time and I could hear announcements for emergency evacuation. I made no mistake in rushing down the stairs leaving my sweet abode behind me in ferno.

However, something sparked in my brain as I descended the staircase. I had left my mobile behind. Still, the dense clouds of smoke and the smell of burning organics wrecked my nerves asking to leave.

I decided within few split seconds to my inner senses and started rushing down the stairs.

Finally, I could come out and the feel of cold air in my face bringing a sense of relief.

Yes! I am saved but to enjoy that reality – I needed few more gasps of air. I hurried to the nearby park to grab those few of the most important breaths of my life.

© Sourav Bhattacharjee 2015


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