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January 26, 2015 / hbrowne4

The Leaf on the Liffey By Sourav Bhattacharjee

I sit often down by the Liffey –

To see the nice small ripples of waves,

Spreading across the length and breadth

And the stream moving on endlessly.


The Liffey never stops –

With all its vitality and freedom

It keeps on flowing on and on…

Connecting so many stories throughout

Villages, towns and cities spread –

Across all the traces of heart beats and lives.


For a moment I look through the sparkling

Streams of water and a glimpse of a

Solitary leaf dancing proudly on the tunes of,

The shining waves – catches my attention.

For its sheer depth of life and those

Uncanny vibrations of joy and happiness –


Lives here have seen so much of misery –

Where freedom is a feeling to treasure,

And fear is the kingdom to live within;

Where tyrants speak out and bulldoze –

Innocents in the name of state, creed, religion

When we forget to love, to share and…

Disobey the basic essence of humanity

And give up to the cursed moments of brutality.


When such depression dampens my spirit…

And the world seems to be so hazy and fake –

I search for that one floating leaf

On the pure waters of the Liffey.

It mirrors my life as a mere participation

To this entire journey of humanity through –

Ages of existence where all the conspiracies

Of unholy spirits have faded away in horizons …

And once more the humane voices have risen

To mellow down the crude noises of greed.


The river Liffey never sleeps – and

The leaf on the Liffey never gives up…

To dance and shout out the anthem of life, and

Never to disappoint me in my loneliest moments.

© Sourav Bhattacharjee 2015

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