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February 9, 2015 / hbrowne4

A country by Mikey Sullivan

A flag flutters in the sky

Republican ideals diluted through time

Dissidents turned to crime

Corruption and greed

Robbing the people of their needs

Drug and drink run through this country deep

Sedating the poor

Bar stool or needle

Filling chippers for three and ones meals

Patriots wear English football teams jerseys

Booing God Save the Queen

Burn union jacks for the crack

Blaming the foreigners for their woes

Nigerian taxi drivers

Take them home

The homeless tap the water taxed

Getting hostel reactions

By VIPs-

E cigarette-smoking pedestrians

Not paying attention

Banks charge for accounts

Towards bail out money

We paid out

Necks as hard as jockey’s balls

Making the same mistakes as before

McDonald fathers eat happy meals

With children of court ordered appeals

Family law courts fill solicitor’s pockets

Name on a birth cert

Counts for nothing

Bedsit cells

Due to caps

Third class citizens

No Hope or help

C.V. lotteries have fingers crossed

For the unemployed to get a job

Job bridge interns work for free

While graduates fill airports for over seas

Emigration our greatest achievement

Feast or famine

No in between

A hundred years since 1916

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