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February 13, 2015 / hbrowne4

Serendipity By Sourav Bhattacharjee

On a deep through look at life –

I have finally realized its emergence

Out of a sheer chance

For what I look – behave – exist…

When a deep breathe calms me down,

And the world around me dazzles to

Its existence – I simply realize the

Unprecedented coherence within them.

I exist because I deserve to exist…

I love because I desire to love;

So much of emotions and plethora of

Mystic feelings that surround me –

As if it has been so well planned for us all;

And cloaked within a coat of humanity…

I wonder are we a creation of meticulous

Planning or what I see – feel –touch

Are all there by a simple chance?

For we live our lives on chances and

Probabilities with so much irrationality,

And still somewhere a hidden coordination.

Existence is the greatest mystery of our

Lives with so much to dissect –

And magnify to dive into the cores

Of our hearts – minds – souls to decipher

The unknown spider webs of love and affection

That keeps on moving with us till eternity.

This order within what is so unpredictable

Enchants me – and inspires to clinch all

Such moments of glee and despair to

Build the final collage of an event called life.

The metaphoric limits of rationality and

Unjustified fades away slowly to make me

Wake up to that very chance, when we all were

Created to exist over such ubiquitous moments.


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