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April 13, 2015 / hbrowne4


“I’m very sorry Maria, we are going to have to commit you to the looney bin, oh I beg your pardon, St Wilfred’s home for the bewildered, I mean”

“Ah Jaysus Doctor Fell, not the looney bin please. I’d go mad if I was confined to the looney bin, I know I would”

“No, no Maria, you misunderstand me, we are not confining you to the nut hatch, we’re locking all the others out. You’ve done nothing to be put away for. It’s the others who should be locked up but there are so many of them out there that it’s easier to confine the sane and leave the crazies out roaming wild. It’s for your own good, dear, you’ll see

“Who made this decision Doctor Fell? I don’t remember being consulted about anything like this. Surely if I’m officially sane then I should be part of the life affecting decisions which impinge on me?”

“You would think so, wouldn’t you? But see, you’d be wrong about that. It’s the committee that makes all these decisions. The committee doesn’t need to waste their precious time consulting with every Tom, Dick and Maria as to how they’ll spend the remainder of their lives. No, no, no, the committee is much too busy to deal with individual cases, you are part of this month’s tranche of committals. Neither you nor me have any further say in the matter”

“Who are these committee when they’re at home? Surely there’s an appeal procedure? We don’t live in a dictatorship, do we? I reckon a person should have a right to a fair trial before being dumped in a hole of desolation like your booby hatch. I know me rights, so I do”

“Maria, Maria, you’re a grown woman, you shouldn’t be hanging onto childish ideas like fair trials, and appeals procedures. All those principles went out with high button boots. It’s stuff like that that’s getting you banged up in St Wilfred’s. Now just you hold still and I’ll give you a nice injection of happy juice, that’ll soon disabuse your mind of these unfortunate thoughts. Nurse, just please restrain Maria whilst I administer her medication”

“There now, she’s off into a nice cosy dreamland, next please”


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