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July 9, 2015 / hbrowne4

Apartment by Paula Sweeney

Don’t stop, don’t stop, get everybody out. I thought I had a nightmare.

Shelly, this is not a fantasy, get back in your room.

The place is flooded, did you not know? This is not our apartment, its Johns. What’s that landlord going to say?

Typical, Craig in bed again! He never hears a thing, only the computer and toast.

A voice, Call the Fire Brigade at this stage.

Look at the carpets, ruined! What’s he going to say? The water is six inches deep. I’ll have to get some brushes and try and get it out on the veranda. I’ll have to swim by the look of it.

Reminds me of the film with the Tiger in the bathroom, baby at the front door: Nightmare in Las Vegas.

What’s wrong with Ness? Get her out of that room. Just sit on her until she wakes up, she has to help us move everything, clean up the mess. Do you realise the place is destroyed? What’s he going to say?

Ring Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, how many more times? Maggie?

It’ll be OK

I know, she has a hangover and she’s moving to Australia next week. A fine job she’ll have, she’ll have to go out and by a new wardrobe. The place where all the kangaroos flying about. Agatha has found it on the map. It’s the shape of a packing case, maybe we should all pack up and go; landlord sees this! (Don’t want to be the one paying the damages)

Move your muscles babes, don’t leave us


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