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July 9, 2015 / hbrowne4

Day you won the Lotto By Paula Sweeney

What’s the world coming to? No matter how hard I try things are not getting any better.

I know, don’t think about the situation too much, challenges are the best theme for focus. Yes, staying focused all the time.

That notice I got, yes, just pushed under my door. You’ve got ninety eight days to quit. Why me, he said I could stay on when the next owner bought the house. Changed plan, who cares anyway?

Don’t upset myself, go out and get away from it all. A few drinks will solve it for now. I saw an apartment on Thursday 1st October.

Boy, it was like queuing up in the bank, quick, quick I’ll be late

I knew what it would be like when I got there; just write down your details and call this number and go on line. Forget about this one, they want your Gold Card and your golden job to go with it.

It’s a start anyway. I wasn’t really impressed, bars on the bedroom window. Is this to keep out the intimidators and robbers? Forget it, money, money, money.

That night I had a good night’s drinking in the Clontarf Court where a group of construction workers changed the night for me.

You can go and live with Liam, he’s one of our workers and he’s looking for an apartment.

Are you mad? I don’t even know him. Drink, drink and more drink. I remember I crawled into bed that night, getting sick. I was so cold I slept in my clothes. Out of it! The crack was over.

I spent next month’s looking hard for a place, ended up in a very small place. Talk about living in a box? It wasn’t much better, you could hear a pin drop.

During the time I was seeing a lot of social workers but it took a lot of time before I got the support I really needed. Sometime it was like a sauna, it was so hot in this place. Open all windows, there wasn’t any, only one.

I was afraid to open the window all the time. I was afraid a wasp might get in and I wouldn’t be able to get rid of him. Stung by a bee is not what I needed at this time. I needed a place!

When I met Lisa, a social worker, she gave me the keys to my heart. Eventually I felt;

Hey, this is great, like I won the lotto!


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