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July 25, 2015 / Tina

Conceptual Poem 2

Most Terrifying

17 December 2014

Written by Martina Carroll

you would never dare
be stranded in
Alien Isolation
with  Freaky Spiders
when a game’s most formidable enemy
a very scary man
terrified of Isis
can destroy entire American cities
and kill all of us

despite terrifying bridges and basements
and the scariest patch of road ever
not to mention
haunted places you’d never want to be in
the forest is the most popular place
for suicides

two sentence horror stories about
the creepiest
scariest and
most scream-inducing
mega-haunted houses or
a beach invested with sharks or even
a hard core terror fanatic and
a terrified family forced to flee their home
after the world’s most venomous spider
was delivered with their shopping

fair warning
hairstyles that
were probably cool at one time
are now like rat’s tails
banished to the sewers

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