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July 25, 2015 / Tina

Three Conceptual Poems

Written by Martina Carroll

Here is the first of three conceptual poems produced in Inksplinters sessions. Conceptual poetry overlaps with conceptual art and my first attempts were in the context of an art installation. I didn’t realise it was poetry until one day in the Writers Centre I was talking to John Kearns. I’ve decided to post three conceptual poems constructed using search terms on Google, Grasp a Carrot: Ode to Profound Loneliness which is in the Anthology 2015 although too late I realised it didn’t have the full title.  The search terms used were ‘profound loneliness’. The last two lines of the poem were stolen from Harry Browne’s story. The second poem is call What’s hidden in your Closet and used the search terms ‘free spirit’. The third is Most Terrifying. The search terms are the title ‘most terrifying’. So here’s number one:

Grasp a Carrot: Ode to ‘profound loneliness’

25 October 2014

gut-wrenching stories

blown out of the water

you don’t train puppies to ring bells

you can’t grow lovely succulent vegetables

with a large patchwork of weeds

on your journey in overcoming

a problem that blights so many lives.

The experts are at the top

of life’s centre

precisely because

we are so inclined to think…

so cut the head off the dragon

and put the pumpkin in the window.

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