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September 17, 2015 / hbrowne4

Nightmare in San Antonio By Paula

This was like a nightmare! No, not on Elm Street, in San Antonio. What a sight to see, even when I arrived in the airport. I was approached by a woman with an English accent “Are you Paula Sweeney? You’re on this bus” What was all the place cards for?

There were ten people on this one, was it the jail bus? Marco Polo, who’s he? Piscis Park, that’s where I’m staying. Hope for the best. Driving along I saw this neon sign, “That’s my stop” driver replied “I can’t stop here, the police would come after me” What’s this, an interrogation? “Somebody will show you the way” So I was dropped off in a concrete jungle and a couple on a scooter showed me the way to my hotel.

So it turned out to be all glass, swimming pool on the roof, what’s next?

“There’s your key” I said “Where’s all the Irish?” All Australians. I found my room, even writing this makes me feel a bit nervous. ‘She could paint the walls of a conversation any colour she wanted’ that wasn’t me, maybe the one who sold me this holiday.

Piscis Park! More like Jurassic Park. I wanted an apartment, every morning mopping floors like a skating rink! “Hey I need my legs for tomorrow” Breakfast! You could hang the rashers out to dry and as for the scrambled eggs!! Swimming in milk.

Rooftop swimming pool up on stilts. How do I get there? Bodies everywhere. Lucky there was a lifeguard, he was so attentive to me. I said “Watch your sandwich or it will get toasted to bits, eat it quick, later!” Then it was traffic jam time, pump up the jam.

I hope I don’t get too much sun or I could fall over into a car and that would be the end of the car with me init. “Swimming anyone? As long as you don’t step on somebody, body snatchers!

Day sun hit me in the face. From one traffic jam to another. Hope I get across this road in time to enjoy it.

“Hey gorgeous!” The party bus was just enough! €60 for a bus and one drink and you could be trampled on, this was a circus alright. I never went near the West End. Jump, jump from the bus. Jump, jump if you don’t wanna lose your life!

Two guys I met said they had seen everything except somebody being shot. Another voice said “You’re the best looking woman in Ibiza”

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