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October 23, 2015 / hbrowne4


The ship landed. These mortals and warriors were out to save their own planet. The most extraordinary creatures you’ve ever seen; Long and slender, blue like in colour, piercing green eyes that lit up even by night, little ears, long dread locks and tails that swooped and swayed about.

They could fly anywhere and tamed these big, colourful, birds, up they’d get on their backs and up and down to fight their prey. It was so extraordinary to watch them as their lad was so green and blue. The trees had leaves, so big and green that when the rain fell on them they would pour it into their mouths like from a glass.

They protected their flocks so well, they would cry out if they lost one another or one died. The land was full of colour. Sometimes it was like a fairytale to see the land in action.

But there came a major attack. Fighter planes came to kill off their planet because they believed these were just invaders, not to be seen any longer, just to destroy them and not let them live any longer.

No there were so many of them. It was like they became more and more to live for as they were growing and growing and growing. From one hundred to two thousand. Now they were to be destroyed as they were becoming a virus. As you know, anything that happens in this source is bound to be destroyed.

Some gentle looking and even they didn’t have a horrible way about them. They were about to stand and fight for what they believed was right, even to fall in love was so good to look at.

These Indian like creatures were out to get their own rights. Razor Head was determined to get his army to fight them off but the warriors proved to be the stronger species in the end.

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