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November 16, 2015 / hbrowne4

Willow By Paula

River valley, what about Sally? What? Number 28, in I went and fell on a big couch and a big 40-inch plasma in front of my eyes. The X Factor, maybe on a tractor. Simon on high hopes, high heels would be more like it.

What’s next? Into the kitchen, what’s in the fridge? Fry up, that’s for tomorrow. I bought you a bottle of wine.

Water in the bowls, that’s a sign the doggies are around. Who let the dogs out?

Willow is so cute with long ears and the most lovely little face, long paws. I bought him a little scarf, a voice said “They don’t keep them on”

When he’s around “Bark, bark” looking out window to see who’s coming to play with, or fight with. Once he is curled up on the couch he turns around a few times to make sure he gets the right spot “Bow Wow”

The type of breed Willow is he stays the same, doesn’t get fat, he’s amazing.

One time I was getting a lift from Damien and the other dog, Kyser, black and white, wouldn’t move over for me. “Put your seat belt on Paula” “I would if he’d move over for me” It’s like he was saying “That’s my seat, I’m not moving darling”

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