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February 27, 2016 / Tina

Rye’s Proof for the existence of God

By Roman Rye


the police stopped the car after a left turn

on Chłopickiego Street

there was a confusing sign

before the railway crossing

now it seemed a hefty fine and penalty points were due

even worse

the car’s documents had been stolen

the day before

so they might impound it as well

on top of this ‘I’ didn’t have money


‘it’ was a series of disasters in which

‘I’ lost family home work self-esteem courage

was beaten by a thug and

chased by debt collectors

all in the span of a week


the police woman noticed the lack of papers

then took the driver’s licence and went to check

‘it’ was a hot day and the sun fried this body mercilessly


a broken spirit looked in God’s direction

unable to say a word as time passed

she returned and gave the licence back

that’s all

you may go

a mile away

‘I’ got out of the car on shaky legs

in shock

in awe of God


that evening

this ‘I’ watched on TV

an old Dachau concentration camp prisoner

they took him for interrogation

looking back and forth the man the papers

minutes that felt like hours

then sent him back

no one else had returned

he said his mother crawled for one and a half miles

on her knees to the Holy Mary shrine

God saved him


‘I’ have seen a spider in the bathroom

‘it’ weaved its web nicely

from Handy Andy to Colgate Brite

there was a breath of life

between pillars of day and night

and joy

until a hand




death awaits in the twilight

‘it’ said

there is nothing after that

but a frail web of light


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