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April 9, 2016 / hbrowne4

And Lo, Your Heart True Feels, Loving Once More! By Mort Murphy

Poet’s inspiration for this work

When ordinary words will no longer do, we attempt to convey the feeling of what we experience by turning to artistic expression as a simpler, more elegant form of communicating.  Poetry touches the soul in its wonderfully unique way!

23rd March 2016 ©

Once more a new Spring has come

Sun’s heat emerges from the skies

Heralding new life now begun

As winter reluctantly dies


Birds busy feathering their nests

Laying their Easter eggs for a new start

Cold winds taking deserved rests

Green shoots speaking of Earth’s abundant heart

Words naked dressed are bereft of nature’s beauty

Beheld in daylight’s delight

Tongues are at a loss to tell the gifted booty

Of Moon’s shine upon hillside’s shadowed night

Come Poetry, your fertile shoots take root

Emerge you from out of human mind

Sing upon this page, pregnant but mute

Let your ways be the telling of treasures, akind

For prose in verses blossoms with elegance

Transforming plain fare into a joyful word-dance

Bearing soft rain-kisses to your soul’s thirsting ear

And lo, your heart true feels, loving once more!


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