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25/04/2016 / Tina

Papal Mass

Written by Roman Rye

It, is a day of god’s mercy, and

between splendid columns

supporting all, sits the Pope;

a purple canopy protects

him from the blazing sun.

This ‘I’ would like to be there,

in the listening crowd, believing

in a merciful god, among women,

fanning themselves with prayer

books. It, is a simple mass, without

the splendour of old days; all in white,

framed by thick pale columns and

trim of gold chalices on a high altar;

Blue sky dotted by cirrostratus sway

above huge statues looking down on

the petals of faces. It is solemn –

without the joy or youngsters dancing

and waving hands. Veiled

nuns are everywhere, and cripples.

Blessed are those who believe without

seeing the risen lord. The words are cold

and hollow, said in a meek voice and only

the baroque polyphony caries up the spirit.

These are hard times of scandal;

blessed are those who believe, despite

seeing and knowing. This ‘I’ would like

to walk through the ancient city, utterly free,

feeling a breeze and hoping that behind this corner,

there are no streets of ruins and shattered columns.


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  1. hbrowne4 / Apr 25 2016 10:20 am

    Powerful! thank you Roman

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