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May 9, 2016 / hbrowne4

Sacrifice by Therese McGarry

Strolling through Stephens Green on a May summer evening.

Sun setting behind the trees and people walking slowly,

or just sitting in the quiet.

Birds singing their song while the pink blossoms spring forth.

Glancing to the right across from the fountain,

One glimpses upon the corner of the old Shelbourne Hotel…

Wow, a very different place from a 100 years ago;

Trying to imagine the shots firing down on Young Boy

too young to fight…

Trying to imagine the terror on his face, the panic in his heart… trying to escape.

Begging, pleading, praying to escape the retaliation rage.

To young to die… No mercy for him that day.

Were there mourning for him the next day?

Were there wreaths laid by the gate for him?

Such a high price to pay… such a short life lived.

Back out on the street again, life goes on…

Time don’t stop.

People talking, people laughing, musicians jamming…

The music plays on…

Much sacrificed…

Lives live on…

Remembering or not…

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