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May 10, 2016 / hbrowne4

TWO LIGHTS – by Daveyinthevalley


Hook LighthouseTwo lights point to home

two lights shine in the edge of the harbor lost,
Oh tavern light light you bring the warmth of faces ,the laughs, the joy and tear of every occasion,
On dark cold evenings your conversation is red in the faces of many red for excess and consumption to broken homes late in the night.
A child prays God let daddy not raise his voice in anger to mother dear for that is were the fear begins that is were I dread you tavern, i dread its smell its made my life hell and hell to many,  
 This is were desperation yields the road home out of darkness in the morning I awake the lighthouse is upon me,
 its shafts cut open my eyes so gently,
 Turn do I the compass calls to the journey home were mending bends and broken traces, many trials and beloved places,
Oh lighthouse light you are a true beacon under stone and rocky hills and inspirations, 
You reveal what is empty and full, 
our prodigal wills heed your welcome,
Your true warmth its laughter of lapping droplet waters on the sea, your sounds is noise the soul makes when it has found its purpose  in each day God makes and writes with His destiny.

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