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29/05/2016 / hbrowne4

A Mother’s Tale

The prompt was “The tall man rode into town and everyone came out onto the street to watch him”

The tall man rode into town, dragging his unfortunate captive through the choking dust behind him. The entire population of the town lined out to greet the procession as it passed, hooting and jeering at the prisoner who was unable to raise his head.

The rider raised his voice over the screeching of the gulls which were diving on the turbulent waves crashing onto the shore “This here’s Dangerous Dan McGrew” He bellowed “He’s wanted in ten states for murder, bank robbery and train hold ups. He’s ma prisoner and if anyone wants to dispute that he should line up outside Clancy’s saloon just after I’ve had time to get some of the trail dust washed out of ma throat”

A voice from the back of the assembled crowd spoke up “That there ain’t Dan McGrew, that’s Dan’s brother Paul, he ain’t never done a bad deed in his whole life. You need to let him go. You’ve already abused the poor boy enough without putting him through any moah misery”

At the sound of this voice Paul, or Dan, depending on which version you believe, looked up and called out “Is that you Maw? Praise the Lord, I’ve been trying to tell this fella that he’s got the wrong man but he seems to be hard of hearing or something”

Swinging down from his saddle the Tall Man squinted at the emaciated lady who was confronting him with a crazed look in her eyes “You heah me mister?”  she demanded “you let my baby son loose right now before I get properly riled up, and do something I might regret later”

Totally ignoring the woman, the Tall Man turned on his heel and trussing the prisoner to a hitching post proceeded towards the welcoming embrace of Clancy’s saloon.

The Lady pulled a double barrelled shotgun from under her voluminous skirt and shot him twice in his back.

“Never turn your back on a momma’s love” She said as she untied the rope holding her son, loaded him onto her nearby buckboard and drove sedately out of town.


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