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October 9, 2016 / hbrowne4

From a Prompt by Harry Browne

Two prompts: “When you love too much to let it go” and a light show Millennium Falcon.


Han Solo sat at the controls of the Millennium Falcon with a bemused expression on his impossibly handsome face “Why in Gods name does she wear that ridiculous hairstyle” he wondered to himself “I mean it might have been a bit quirky in the first movie but year after year and episode after episode, I mean, get real!”

Leah meanwhile contemplated the depths to which she had fallen “How could I, an interplanetary princess, be so idiotic as to fall for a feckless oaf like this Solo person. God knows what my parents will say when we announce our forthcoming nuptials, but look at him, he’s a hunk!”

In the background Luke Skywalker looked lustfully at Leah until he got to the part of the script which revealed that she was his twin sister “This just isn’t fair” he muttered, he was fond of muttering, “How come she’s a princess while I, her twin brother am just an ordinary Joe Soap. In the words of Larry Niven, if it’s OK to stick another Sci Fi writer in here ‘There ain’t no justice’ I oughta be at least a Prince if not an Emperor, with primogeniture and all. I wonder if the pay in Universal Studios is better than this gig?”

Han sighed a heartfelt sigh and decided that perhaps love might conquer all. After all, when you love too much to let it go, there’s only one thing to do. With a twitch of his left eyebrow he lit up the. Communications module of his starship and connected through the Unisphere with the light of his life

“Hey Girl” he said in a throaty whisper which he thought made him sound sexy “Hows about you and me get it on tonight?”

“Darth Vader? Is that you?” Leah queried “That suggestion is beyond unacceptable. First off, you are almost certainly my Father and, more importantly, you’re as ugly as sin, now fuck off, I’m expecting a call from Han Solo”


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