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November 10, 2016 / hbrowne4

The Heat Wave That Lasted A Month by Bernadette O’Reilly

We decided to go on a caravan holiday for a month.
The person letting the caravan informed us the town was close.
After arriving a discovery was made, to get to the caravan door
the grass needed to be cut first.
Whacking the grass with something heavy from the booth of our car,
dad reached the door.
The day was hot, there was nothing but fields all around,
and nothing to drink.
Inside the caravan all seemed in order,
after the settling in process, the hunt for food and rinks began.
Walking past hills and fields, cattle watching us,
a bridge came into view
my brother and I ran from side to side,
we viewed mountains and a lake, no town.
Feeling over heated from walking we reached a small town sometime later.
It housed a hotel, shops and an amusement arcade,
later we discovered the marvellous cliff walks
and beach.
Dad made for the pub, my siblings and I explored the cliff walks,
savouring the cool breeze with take away drinks.
Waking early most mornings I wondered if I could unlock the door,
the sun shone tempting me outside before breakfast,
there seemed no air in the small caravan.
We roamed free along the beach and cliffs,
the only cool places we could find.
A week before the end, a storm broke, the wind rocked the caravan,
making unearthly sounds that scared my siblings and I.
the rain came into one part of the caravan.
Next morning after a sleepless night, dad looked at us,
will we leave and go to Cavan? He asked.
We packed within minutes in answer.


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