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November 14, 2016 / hbrowne4

Stars with Agendas by Joan Healy

We choose our families like Pic’n’Mix

With a little of that, and a little of this.

We are born in the era,

That is music to our ears.

We pick our faults, flaws and fears.

We make our buttons,

And we find our pressers.

We marry our past,

We pre-empt our successors.

We make our lives rhyme for no reason at all,

We arrange the rise and we set up our fall.

We desire, we design and

We make our lives divine.

We imagine, we become.

To reimagine we come undone.


Yet we do not believe we are mathematicians,

maybe just perfect squares.

Our inner child plays games with us:

Hide and Seek and Guess Who, but who cares?


We fall in love with other stars,

And still pray to the Supermoon.

We know somewhere there must

Be something in it,

So we choose to be reborn

Every minute…

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