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November 21, 2016 / hbrowne4

Fairy Godmother Granny by Jack Kelly Jnr.©

Fairy Godmother Granny lights up in hope
As her dainty feet thread upon the swaying rope
High above the ravine, it of colours blazing russet red
When her mobile rings and this is what it said:

Hello my dearest granny fairy
Out so early in the morning airy
I wish to come to you to stay
For a month and one more day

Oh dear me little one
You are welcome to the sun
E’en though it makes your fairy shoes a little tight
And those creamy-cheesy laces burn in the light

Oh Granny will you make for me rainbow crystals bold
That reflects the sun and its gold
Make them snug upon my feet
To keep me warm without that fiercest heat

So Fairy Godmother Granny soonest put down her phone
Descended from the rope and climbed upon her throne
Here her magic book she opens with her wand
And makes those crystals with all the love of loves’ bond

And so her fairy grandchild comes to stay
For a month and one more day


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