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December 7, 2016 / hbrowne4

Two Prompts

WE had two prompts last night as usual, the first from The Bag was “I’d rather have root canal” and the second was a visual as below:


Freddie looked out the window in open mouthed amazement “Everything’s upside down outside” he said to his immediate superior who was calmly knitting in her favourite armchair.

“Don’t be silly dear” she replied “It’s this house”

“Whats this house?” Freddie demanded “Why can’t you ever make an observation without obscuring it in gnomic folderol?’

“It’s this house that’s upside down, you fool, not the entire world outside” and she calmly continued knitting, muttering to herself in a sing song voice “Knit one, purl one, cast one off”

“Now who’se the fool. How could the house be upside down, we’d be sitting on the ceiling if that was the case. Since we’re not sitting on the ceiling, the house is not upside down, ipso facto” Freddie was particularly pleased with this sally, he didn’t often get one over on his beloved spouse but in this case he definitely felt that he had outsmarted her.

Laying her knitting down with an exasperated sigh she said “You never listen to a word I say. I told you last night before we went to bed that I had made a deal with the good fairy in the forest to set the house to rights. I’m sick to death with all the housework I’m stuck with and I thought she’d be able to wave a magic wand and sort it out for me. Somehow my request got mixed up in translation from English to elvish and now we find ourselves inverted, house, people, untidiness and all”

“A fairy you say?” Queried Freddie “I have no recollection of this alleged conversation, are you sure it’s not some cockamamie story you’ve cooked for your writing group? Anyway since you’re accepting responsibility for this brouhaha, I assume you have something in hand to put everything to rights. I need to go to work and I can hardly do it standing on my head, so chop chop lets get it sorted”

“It’s not so simple” the light of his life replied “We need to propitiate the fairies somehow, you know, with an offering like. they won’t accept that it’s their cock up so we have to make nice to them”

“Make nice? Make nice? Are you out of your tiny mind. Between you and your ephemeral buddies in the trees we’re stuck in an upside down house and you want me to pay to have it sorted, I’d rather a root canal any day” and he barged out the kitchen door and fell ten feet, to his ultimate demise, on his noggin.

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