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January 19, 2017 / hbrowne4



“I’ll only buy it if it’s in less than perfect condition” He said, with a supercilious sneer.

“Don’t you mean in perfect condition or better?” Queried Fred, the owner of Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe .

“My good man” the prospective customer said with a glare of derision “when I say something, that’s exactly what I mean. If I ask for less, then I want less. Exactly that, no more and no less”

“OK so” sighed Fred and taking a length of two inch chain from under his workbench he proceeded to belabour the delicate and priceless French Dresser which the customer had indicated that he was interested in.

“What do you think your doing” demanded the prospective buyer, “That’s a priceless piece. what you’re doing is wanton vandalism”

“Listen” snapped Fred “You can’t have it all your own way. either you want it in mint condition or in less than perfect, you got to make the choice. Now fork over the €3,500 or it’ll be the worse for you”

“Don’t be ridiculous” the customer looked a bit shook as he observed Fred’s beefy appearance “I’m not about to pay good money for something you’ve just beaten into flinders just to irritate me”

“Tell you what” Smiled Fred “Come on over here and look at the Queen Anne bed which I keep here for discerning customers. I’m sure you’ll find it to your taste” and he continued under his breath “I’m even more sure that it’ll find you to its taste too”


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