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March 24, 2017 / hbrowne4

The Husky by Amy Moriarty

His ice-blue eyes
could freeze me
an excited chill
paralysed me.
His sugared words
could filter through
black-hole pupils
deep inside me.
His sharp-shined teeth
would dryly tell me
sweet lies
Biting to the heart of me.
His husky voice
whispered ruggedly
promises to captivate me.
He thought he could woo me,
Carpet me nightly with his fluffed fur coat
Clawing at my skin-
Oh he knew how to get in.

But all of his struts, gloats and anecdotes
Bothered me not.
Oh! He may be a wolf
But I-
I will surprise him yet
Master of own disguise
Oh yes
With my python dry
flakey-scaled narrow-tailed body.

You only see me if I choose-
You’re losing this game
This is my demesne
and my hunt.

And I will you eat you whole



His husky-haired back
Luring my scaley snake tail
Oh! But I bite back.





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