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March 26, 2017 / hbrowne4

Spring Afternoon, Dublin by Orla Ni Sheaghdha

The sun bathes Dublin in glorious light on a crisp Saturday afternoon in March.
Birds call to each other as cyclists zoom by on their heavy city bikes, zipping through the capital.
Hope permeates the air as the dregs of Winter finally begin to fade and Spring shimmers through the clouds.
St. Stephen’s Green is alive with chatter and laughter as Dubliners convene on the grass.
Music floats on the breeze as guitarists strum their beat with their amigos.
Young lads and not-so-young lads chase large smooth balls of leather, striking with their right foot, crossing with the left.
Even a few Frisbees fly through the air, like neon mini spaceships, chased by laughing teenagers.
Grafton Street is flooded with fair-weather shoppers, armed with their Springtime spoils.
The struggling artists of Dublin showcase their talent, abundant under the sapphire sky.
The queue outside Gino’s snakes along the shop fronts down as far as the edge of Nassau Street. Gelato under the sun is a must, no matter the temperature.
Skip across to Trinity, where tourists stroll through pathways laden with cherry blossom petals. The cobbled courtyard stands grandly in the sunlight.
Why do the Irish complain about their weather?
The atmosphere in Ireland’s capital is joyful – all life has returned.
Dublin, there is no city as fair as you in the Spring.


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