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June 7, 2017 / hbrowne4

A stroll down memory lane By Mary Oyerdiran

School bell rings
Ding -a-ling- ding
Play time, fun time
Hop, jump, skip and Sing.

Gotta you, Janet FREEZE!
Tag you! RUN! RUN! TURN!
Quick Jane Under my arm
Wind on our face, FUN, RUN!
Ha ha ha! Can’t catch me!

Let’s go skipping, Yeh!
Dashing fast across
“All in together girls, this
time together when is your
Birthday please jump in.”
January, February …December
Jumping, stumbling, bumping!
Clapping, chanting, chuckling.

Last one to the taps is it!
Dashing across the stony ground,
Sprinting faster like greyhound
Head bend tilting to one side,
Hand on brass tap, mouth open wide,
Torrent of cool water flood the throat
Refreshing the soul, small curb hand
Catches precious liquid to wash face
Splashing and spluttering feeling no
Shame, so young, having fun
that is grace!

Let’s play Hop Scotch,
No! It is time for dodge ball,
No! Hide and seek please.
Duck, Duck goose or loose!
Last one is it! Yeh!

Quickly sitting in a circle
Duck! Duck! Goose! RUN!
Running with all your might!
Playing, so much fun, no fights!
Duck, duck, goose Jane you’re it!

Ding -a -ling! Ding-a-Ling
The play bell from afar rings!
Oh No! The playground cries!
Ding -a-ling! Ding-a-Ling!
Time to go in! Till lunch break!
Thank God for childhood memories,


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