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June 7, 2017 / hbrowne4

Big Deal by Mary Oyerdiran

“Why do you have to make a big deal about everything “Jay said trying to control his anger.
“Big deal! Big deal! You lost your job”
“And you are telling me it is not a big deal” Jasmina retorted losing control and raising her voice.

“I haven’t stopped applying for jobs since I was laid of work! You know I am a good worker and I WILL get work very soon” Jay replied calming down with deep breaths.

“6 months! 6 months! No work and we have wedding invitation printed and sent! May I remind you that some of my relatives including my mother will be flying in from Africa, Seychelles, Canada and Belgium?” She was hysterical, loud and confused. Jasmina was unimpressed with his current state of unemployment
“God will provide! “Jay said firmly. He was sure this was a test of his faith. Had he not fasted and prayed with Jasmina? Did the wedding committee of the church not agree wedding date? “God is never wrong” he was assuring his doubting heart.

Jasmina’s outburst landed like sharp fiery arrows into is innermost being, her words were designed to destroy all his trust in God. This was an attack in his FAITH!


“Jasmina! What are you saying? Have I not made applications, Did I not attended interviews for several jobs? Will you just walk away from me just because I don’t have a Job? Is this it Jasmina?” fixing his gaze on her, he was questioning her loyalty.

“Well my dear man. I thought I was marrying a “man of God “who would take care of me and our children in the future, FOREVER! I must be dreaming you aren’t thinking about tomorrow. Wedding invitations have gone out. There are bills to be paid. I have many things to organise. I need cash! You have stopped thinking about tomorrow!”

“Jasmina have you forgotten, that we agreed to take one day one day at a time? We decreed “let tomorrow take care of itself.”. Have you forgotten that?” His dark eyes pieced through her being. His voice was so strong, clear and affirmative. He took a good look at her and perceived that unreasonable fear had gripped her soul.

Now she was sobbing, full of guilt for breaking her part of their covenant.
“Someone has to think about tomorrow!” She insisted” What are we going to do if you don’t get a job?”

“Jasmina”, he stressed her name “let today’s worry be sufficient for today. The bottom line is this; we have to trust God daily that he would provide. He cannot LIE!”

“He knows about our wedding! He knew about my redundancy. Why should He let us down?
Jay ‘s voice dropped to soft tone almost a whisper. “Why should God forsake us? Let us trust Him, He put us together.”

Silence! They both stood still you could hear the tweeting of the birds in the garden. Jasmina kept a bird table and often the birds will perch to eat and sing her happy tune. They could both hear the birds now!
They were being thoughts lesson, a spiritual lesson. “Look at the birds in the air … ”

Jasmina was ashamed of her thoughts towards God. She felt guilty that she confronted her faithful fiancé with her doubting heart of unbelief. Despite her witty, charming attitude, and a cheerful personality that people admired her for. She was full of doubts with a tendency to waver in her faith especially times are tough.

Once she had a childlike faith. Her faith began to dwindle when her brother died of Leukaemia. She had prayed, she fasted and did all that she could caring for her brother John but nothing worked! He died! She was gutted!
God let her down then. She kept Him far from her heart suspecting that He can do it again! She was afraid. She needed to figure out about tomorrow just in case God did not provide. She felt justified for her behaviour but disgusted by her untrusting attitude towards God. She needed to rebuild her faith! She was wrong and Jay was right!

“Jay, I love you and want to be your wife. You need to get a job Now! I give you to the end of this month that is two weeks from now!” That was her compromise. TWO WEEKS!

Jay walked over to her towering above her in his 6 ‘3 slim frame. He took her hand looking at the engagement ring!

“I love you! You are the woman for me! I have no doubts about that. Thank you for giving me two more weeks to prove that I am your man – “man of God ” I know it will be Ok! God will not let us down! I trust Him!”

Jasmina bowed her head as he prayed for God to guide them and grant him favour with the applications he had made.

They both agreed declaring loudly “AMEN!”


Jay pulled himself away from her, He did not plant a kiss or a fuzzy hug. He knew he loved her and did not want to break his promise. He will wait till the wedding day!

Jasmina was proud of him. He loved her and did not take advantage of her, she was vulnerable and hug could have diffused the tension but not sought out the situation – lack of FAITH.

Jay opened the door quickly,
“I am going to check my mails when I get home. Please stop thinking about tomorrow!” He smiled gently

The birds must have been feasting as a chorus of tweets could be heard again!

“Yes, I promise! Ring me if anything turns up. Thank you Jay! You are so special!”

“Expect my call”


“That was close!” as he sat in his car.
“I need this wedding more than she does! Next time I come I will bring my junior brother “


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