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02/02/2018 / hbrowne4

A Goldfinch and a Small Cat by Teresa Fenton


“You know I’ve always loved you, said Goldie the goldfinch to Honeydew the small cat. “How long have we known each other?“
“Well I was only here about twenty sleeps and forty stretches before you fell onto the windowsill of our house. Both Sarah and myself, the co owners, got a shock as we cuddled on our cosy plush velvet couch. It was a chilly Sunday afternoon, the fire was glowing brightly and though Sarah was reading her book, she was also very attentive to me, as is my right.
We both got startled at the cracking noise coming from the windowsill. I must say that Sarah did disturb me slightly as she leaped towards the window to see if she could help. We both could see that you were terrified but did not know then what had happened to you.
You were unable to move, but you were trying to fly off on your good wing. Sarah gently approached you and with cupped hands lifted you and carried you into the house where she put splints and plasters on your right wing and right leg too. She slowly and patiently nursed you back to health. I know these details because
Sarah told me, as indeed I demanded.
I felt quite confused by all of this because I knew that if I had not just been fed my huge china bowl of my favourite gourmet cat food and a delicious saucer of the tepid, full cream milk that I like, I might have had you as a little starter. But being drowsy and well fed, I just looked on in a lethargic, disinterested way.
But as the days wore on, I realised that this daily hospital routine was set to continue, and I was not at all pleased. I did not buy into being a second class citizen squatting in the orthopaedic wing of Sarah’s wing and leg bird hospital. And
I had a horrible feeling of Deja Vu as well.
You see I had experienced the exact same disruption to my life when I lived with Maeve. One day she came in and saw me playing a game of nibble with her pet yellow bird, using my teeth and paws. The very next day, with no explanation or even a farewell party, I was bundled into her car and brought here.
Now, I’m not complaining as the comforts and service here are quite good. All seemed great until the day you rudely joined our family. Then, I started to have this uneasy, unpleasant feeling deep inside, jealousy I think it’s called. It made me angry and I began to hate the world. I began to sulk and demand even more attention from Sarah and I even started to growl and hiss at her, to scratch her legs and I tore her designer skirt.
Sarah got really worried at my change of personality and was upset that I might be having a crisis of identity. She made an appointment and brought me, in her car, far away, to be seen by a professional cat whisperer, Catleen Purrrrrrcell. She was a lovely lady and really did understand me and my needs She explained that I had undergone the severe trauma of separation anxiety and that I needed her help to be consciously re connected with my essential self. I attended sessions with her for several weeks, slowly re discovering my true self. This process seemed to be just what I needed for my improved sense of well being.
Well, to cut a long story short my dear Goldie, I have discovered my true nature and I will share it with you now. I’m a goddamn cat, a predator and a carnivore and let me now clarify, that YOUR true identity, Goldie, is that you are a tasty morsel” CRUNCH.


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