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11/02/2018 / hbrowne4

Spuds trip to Paris by Ronnie Moore


Spud had arrived in Paris for a meeting with the French supplier of software to his company just to finalise some small details and the meeting went very well so after a stroll through Bastille he went in to an cosy bar close to his hotel on rue Charonne.
He was sitting in the corner of the bar sipping a white wine and enjoying the ambience of the bar with the music of Edith Piaff in the back ground and two loud black men talking French with the bar girl who would break occasionally into a small dance with one of the men to the music.

They were all in good form and so was Spud. He was hoping for a pleasant evening in the company of happy strangers.
Outside some smokers sat in groups on the terrace in lively conversations.
Two traffic wardens arrived on black moped scooters and started writing and photographing a red car parked on two yellow lines.

It’s 8.15 now and people are beginning to arrive for their evening meal. The chef and his assistants have been preparing for this next two hours all afternoon
The bar and waiting staff are changing from their relaxed atmosphere to their next level of readiness.

Spud decides to have another glass of white wine before the happy hour finishes at 8.30 .

A small tow truck arrives and is towing the red car away with it’s parking ticket behind the windscreen wiper.
When the tow car drove away it had yellow and red flashing lights flashing and it was lighting the whole road with colour.

As it disappeared up the road a long white limousine with four doors on each side arrived and glided in to the space left on the two yellow lines.
A tall chauffer dressed in a white uniform a white hat and boots to his knees stepped out of the car.
He opened two of the back doors beside the path and the car was fairly crowded with about fifteen girls in their mid twenty’s .
There were lots of party lights in the car and each of the girls looked very elegant in their party dress and had extremely long legs.
When they got from the car they were stood between the car and the door to the bar.
The maitre d’ left the bar and stood beside the bar door to greet them. He left two waiters inside the bar to hold the door open and guide them to their seats in the dining area of the bar.The chattering of the young ladies and their perfume filled the bar with a lively atmosphere .
Their coats were taken to the coat racks at the end of the bar and they took their seats at their long table.

Spud was pleased with his choice of bar for his evening meal and a few drinks before bedtime he could see the sign of his hotel from his window seat.

He went to the bar for another glass of wine.
“Another” he said to the bar man holding up his glass. La meme encore the bar man said as he started to fill the glass again. “Thanks” Spud said and he took the glass to his table.
He put the glass of wine on his table and made his way outside to have a cigarette.
He sat on a chair on the terrace at the side wall of the bar and the limousine pulled away as he lit his cigarette.
As he put the lighter in his pocket he noticed a small man in dark clothes standing in the middle of the road facing the big window where Spud had just put his drink
He was lifting a pole from beside his right leg. He opened fire with what Spud had thought was a stick and the black machine gun was spitting fire with a loud repeating noise.
He sprayed it back and forth through the shattering window at the people in the crowded bar.
The dark man ran off down the street in the same direction as the limousine had gone.
Spud could not believe what he had just seen there was now panic in the bar, the window was gone there were bodies lying in unnatural horrific positions all about the bar.
Spud could hear the gun firing again in the distance as the gunman had found another target.

There was the sound of police sirens filling the air.
People were helping each other in the bar.
Spud was in a state of shock there were lots of police all over the bar and the streets now with blue flashing lights from lots of police cars there were ambulances arriving before Spud got to think a little clearly what had happened and just how lucky he had been to leave his seat beside the window which was now gone and his space was covered with lots of thick pieces of glass, also he would have been in the line of fire had he not gone for a cigarette





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