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13/03/2018 / hbrowne4

Earth Turn By Judy Moloney

The earth breathes
When waves shatter
And rake back the medley stones
On Killiney beach
Where we go to remind ourselves
Of the rhythms of water and light.

The earth breathes
When morning light appears
To break dark fast
Heating our frail bodies
Waking from mini coma
To stumble
Into day fray.

The earth breathes
When petals open
Their colourful faces
Leaning towards light
Bees gather nectar
Humming their summer lullaby
Of life’s short lease.

The earth breathes
When jackdaws bustle
And cawk in the beeches
Jostling for space
While bats use dusk
To flit fly
Catching midges on the wing.

The earth breathes.
It turns.
We live another day.


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