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03/05/2018 / hbrowne4

Irises by the Pond by Austin Slevin


On one of my people-watching adventures down the canal, I found some old contact lenses; a frogspawn of yellowing clear plastic in a withered cardboard box. In spite of my remaining sanity, I thought about trying them on.
Maybe they would allow me to see other people as they were, or perhaps my own shortcomings. Maybe trying to scoop them from my stinging eyes would simply pass the time.
In the end, I didn’t put them on, these shells of grotesque necessity. Instead I picked up the box and dropkicked its contents into the canal.
As I watched them float en masse down the river, I pondered whether people would fish them out and ask themselves who would do such a thing. Who knows? Maybe someone with less sanity than me will try them on and find out. Maybe if I’d had a decent pair I would have been watching where I was going, not kicking old boxes into rivers.



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