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27/05/2018 / hbrowne4

Inhibitions by Catriona Murphy

My eyes cast down
To your
Curved lip
To avoid
Your eyes clear
Against your
Trojan skin.
A gaze
That could cut glass.
A killer wit
A craftiness
That has me on the run.
Hiding my heart
Between clasped hands
You don’t see
How it pumps
For you.

An after tingle
Between words
Between sentences
Between heartbeats
Mundane conversations
I’m left
Wandering, wondering
A new spring
An opening shaft
An existence I never conceived possible.
All thanks
To you
Just being you
And that is what I love more
All about you.

In nocturnal land
Your essence
Fills gaps
Murky, elusive, warm.
A psychological morphing
An unknowing
A hidden
That terrifies me.

That heartbeat
Turns, fumbles, runs.
To your words
To your walk
Your sitting bird pose
To your casual.
A relaxation
That impresses
Yet irritates me.
All of you
Irritates me.

Irritation leads to laughter
Leads to warmth
Leads to fear
Leads to respect
Leads to irritation
Leads to –

A depth you’ve struck
An earthquake shivers
Stronger than a tolling bell.
My homecoming.
For some reason
The picture
Is you.

I’m a bloody sucker.


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