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06/07/2018 / hbrowne4

Concentrate by Shea Walsh

A boy was born a bubbly bouncy happy boy an occasional ear ache but what a joy playful smiling learning to walk and talk asking if its time for bed? Kindergarten passed disarming first grade waylaid sitting on the floor in a circle not for him frustrated teacher have him tested University diagnosed Asperger Syndrome something unknown what to do where to go differing opinions no one really seemed to know neurodevelopemental department one on one is suggested who is going to make an argument with such an impressive recommendation how to do it is another question no resources in the schools worth the mention a therapist came to the house to guide us towards a workable plan helpful well intentioned but limited by the short time that this resources was available through it all this little boy tried his best charm to get a rest

The beginning was confusing sights sounds textures sparkling jewels toy to be disassembled cars trucks trains tractors ships boats submarines and airplanes animals snakes alligators splashed by an elephant at the Zoo

Life whirling by with an incredible velocity sounds sounds everywhere around clamoring through his acute hearing

Everything flickering by in glimpses trying not to miss one thing a bird a leaf a person with a limp undiscerning attitude unable to detect a change of mood unaware if someone is rude or crude

Naive trusting all are good no matter what their facial expression a slow sense obtained when explained again and again and again and again times a thousand or two won’t get in to personal hygiene

Also smart and sometimes savvy with an ambidextrous aptitude yet cautious walking down the stairs

Trying to develop an education a never ending labour labour with a ton of frustration a task for a very special person hard to find an Asperger angel an endless struggle at home and at school trying to find a way a system that is workable tiny steps forward and back persistence consistence try not to over pressure all the time remember you are trying to teach a treasure frequent breaks try whatever it takes

Through all this he sits and smiles using all his innate wiles to receive approval get a responding smile to take away the awful pressure  to concentrate a mind in flight in some forest of stimulation can’t imagine the effort it takes the exhausting effort to try and concentrate

This is full of contradictions airplanes fishing things that interest them then his focus is complete where their strengths are can be a good place to start driving down the road what car is that a Ford what are  the letters FORD just keep it up you will be so happy when you get to Lamborghini They don’t come with an instruction manual what child does basic math how many boats airplanes toys stuffed animals you have to learn to think out of the box take them with you as much as you can encourage them to direct you home yes left and right can be a challenge find a way to help them manage turn to your side or mine keep in a straight line try to make it a game that is not constantly pounding at their brain each step will be a blessing especially when you see their pride in achievement this is what you try and do trial and error yes it seems to go on and on but with time you will see the progress it will make your heart grow large to realize how much you have learnt sometimes you will wonder who is teaching who

This may seem to go on for ever then one day to your surprise you realize this child has grown into a person of their own.

©Shea Walsh 2017


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