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20/07/2018 / hbrowne4

Secret Writing by Heloisa Prieto

Running through empty alleys in the quiet of the night. Was it the darkness or my fears that drew long shadows, residues of old dwellers and passerbyes, or maybe ripped pieces of their lost souls?
I stepped, by accident, over insects, I was frightened by night cats leaping, I was terrified by the noises of the Wind tapping on trash cans. Deprived of any sense of orientation, I felt lost, helpless.
Suddenly, these haunted labyrinths were filled with rumours, not a soothing sound. I could glimpse at the shadow walkers turning on the corners.
I want to lie down in Green pastures, I thought.
I want to walk through the right paths, I wished
Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil.
I tried to recall the verses I had heard as a child, but only a number kept coming to my mind: 23. 23. 23.
To reach the avenue and find my way back home, I would have to turn on the corner. The same corner where I had seen shadows.
I want a table before me, and the presence of my dear friends, I Said out loud. I looked down at my own feet, at least these I knew so well. I concentrated my thoughts trying to remember the Day I had bought those shoes. I focused on the sound of my own breathing, because it was the most familiar sound, after all.
Dawn. Sun light hit my eyes fully. I closed my lids and walked quickly, I turned on the empty, silent corner. I left the alley. I reached the street. Trees in the Center of the avenue. Large treetops projecting their shadows. I Sat down on the bench under the largest tree. All I had to do now was to wait for the bus to come. Not all shadows are dark.


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