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28/08/2018 / hbrowne4

Moonrise on Hernadez by Shea Walsh


The cold mirror of the sun
Illuminating the vast desert plain
Broken by a distant mountain chain
The fixed frigid light
In a motionless night
The modest village
Forlorn in the immensity
Of earth and sky
Accentuating the loneliness
And harshness of existence
In that isolated place
Remnants still of the
Ancient Indian race
The adobe buildings
Cliff dwelling structures
Abandoned before the white influx
A mystery to this day
One thought was that
It might have been
Climate change
Yet this landscape
Has been the inspiration
Of many artists designers
And architects
Ansel Adams Georgia O’Keefe
To name a few
Santa Fe Style resurrecting
Indigenous designs
Still the endless sky
Pulls the inner eye back
To that photograph
Reflecting on yet another
Reminder of the smallness
Of our presence in space

©Shea Walsh 2018



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  1. SJohn / Aug 28 2018 3:18 pm

    I love it keep it up

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