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21/10/2018 / Harry Browne

The Present by Simone Sav

I have a dilemma:
I set out to buy a present
for the person I hate the most.
And I don’t know what to get her.

What would she fancy, I wonder.
She likes mind games and corrosive slander
But I don’t think they sell these
In the local gift shop.

They say you can never go wrong with a bottle of expensive champagne,
Hmm! Perhaps she’d think I poisoned it,
And end up wasting perfectly aged bubbles
On cleaning greasy drains on its way down.

Those I asked for advice thought it was a joke
or madness. Generosity towards someone who has wronged you
Can easily be mistaken for lack of self-esteem
Or worse, for saintly hypocrisy.

Each year, we make a point of rewarding
Some of those who have shaped our lives.
But we reject or ignore those who made us better
By standing opposite us in hatred or contempt.

I set out to buy a present to my nemesis
And I found it tucked away in a small antique shop.
At first it didn’t call out to me until I looked closer
And saw the portrait of a strong woman.

I set out to buy a present and I did.
I got her a mirror.



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  1. M.O'Flondras / Oct 21 2018 9:13 pm

    Nice one Simone. Well done!

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