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04/11/2018 / Harry Browne

Irish Prayer by Simone Sav


Stop and pray.
For the Irish sky to host the sun a little bit more often.
For the Titanic to be glued back in one piece
and miss that iceberg altogether the second time.
For Saint Patrick not to take a dislike to snakes.
For the Magdalene Laundries to use washing machines instead of female hands.
For the North and South to be nothing than cardinal points.
For Oscar Wilde and James Joyce to write beyond the grave.
For this island not to have two capitals.
For children not to be forbidden from learning in schools
unless a man in a robe sprinkled ordinary water on their infant heads.
For dancing to be compulsory during lunch breaks.
For the hard-working not to be worse off than the the poor living on benefits.
For IT companies to start coding in Irish.
For straight people to feel at home in The George.
For CEOs to undergo psychological assessment every two weeks.
For the An Post workers to dress as clowns during the dole-collecting days.
For the able-bodied beggars on Grafton Street to start handing out change to passers-by.
For betting addicts to open a museum dedicated to greyhounds.
For people to row to work.
For immigrants to receive ‘A Guide to Irish Banter’ upon arrival.

Stop and pray.
But do not hold your breath.

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  1. elainereardon / Feb 10 2019 8:26 pm

    Ah geez, I like this every time I read it, more & more.

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